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  • 5 Holiday Budget Tips

    Brigitte Bradford

    holiday budget

    In past years, I’ve blown my budget over the holidays. It’s easy to do, especially when the holidays arrive before you have a plan. But the holidays shouldn’t derail your budget like an unexpected expense. You know the they’re coming, they...

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  • What is Debt Consolidation?

    Brigitte Bradford

    debt consolidation

    If you were going on a trip and trying to negotiate the best deal, you wouldn’t book and negotiate each item individually (rental car, hotel, airfare, excursions, etc.) You’d bundle items and negotiate deals together.

    Debt consolidation is similar idea: you combine debt accounts into a single, better deal. This helps you negotiate a lower overall rate and simplifies your repayments because it’s easier to keep track of one loan than many balances, accounts, bills and policies. Consolidating and securing a lower rate with lower monthly payments is combining debt consolidation with debt refinancing.

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