Meet Andrew Kayvanfar

upstarter andrew kayvanfar

We started Upstart with one goal in mind: re-invent lending for the 21st century using data and technology to create the best experience for our borrowers and investors. It’s a lofty goal and one that rests heavily on our ability to attract outstanding talent.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Andrew Kayvanfar.

Andrew spent five years working in investment banking as an ETF Trader, where he became Jefferies’ youngest VP. He took an interest in improving the trading system so he began teaching himself to code. Last year, he left Wall Street to attend App Academy and transitioned into a career in software development.

While we were initially impressed with Andrew’s resume, what separated him apart from the rest of talented applicants was his drive and passion for tackling tough problems. Our team digs into data and is always tinkering and imagining ways to make things better. We look for people who are not afraid of throwing away a good idea, to make room for a great one.

Andrew’s technical skills, financial expertise, and passion for working on cutting edge ideas and products make him uniquely qualified to help us build the next generation lending platform.

When asked to explain why he chose to join our team, Andrew describes the opportunity to make an impact and disrupt an industry that’s ripe for change.

“When I think about the industries that will likely see big change in the coming years, finance is near the top of the list. Innovation and change in the industry has largely come on the institutional side, but now there is an opportunity to affect change in a much broader way and really make an impact on people’s lives.

I had the opportunity to speak with a large number of companies when thinking about where to make my next home, and the only place that wowed me and also humbled me was Upstart. The cast here is extremely talented and extremely motivated; it’s the right group of people to be doing something totally innovative. Upstart is meeting the challenges in personal finance with a unique mindset; the company sees opportunities where others see obstacles. I knew right away that I could either be among those creating a better product for the world, or among those that invest in those people; I chose the former.”

By building an elite team comprised of the people who helped shape tech and finance, we’re bringing together the best of both worlds and creating a product that you will love and a company that continually innovates and inspires.

Want to join us on the journey? We’re hiring.